No such module 'Orion' - Fix

No such module 'Orion' - Fix
Photo by NEOM / Unsplash

While building NeonKeys, my upcoming iOS keyboard customization tweak, I encountered a problem where Xcode was erroring "No such module 'Orion'". make do still worked, it was just Xcode.

This error occurred after I transferred the project from my MacBook over to my Hackintosh directly (by just copying over the files, no git). And the error was related to some cache files. Mainly the file inside .theos directory named .spm_config. To fix the error run these commands inside your project:

rm -rf .theos .spm
make clean
make spm
You may also need to also clean DerivedData with Finder and Clean Build Folder with Xcode. Clean them if you don't mind.

Re-open Xcode (important!). The error should be gone and should no longer bother you.