How to setup RemoteLog in Swift/Orion

How to setup RemoteLog in Swift/Orion
Photo by Clay Banks / Unsplash

RemoteLog by Muirey03 is a useful utility for debugging your tweak. Since you can't connect Xcode's debugger (LLDB) and can't use print you either have to use:

  • NSLog
  • Logger, which works only with static values.
  • UIAlertControllers, which are convenient for small text, but if there is a huge amounts of text that should be printed out, it becomes unusable quickly.

To get started with RemoteLog, follow the steps on their GitHub. Don't enter the RLog code though!

Next, add this code in a new .swift file, let's call it RemoteLog.swift:

And now you can call this function from any place in your code. Let's try printing out some objects:

Make sure you have the Python server running!

In the terminal running Python server you should see a similar output to what I get:

❯ python3
(100.0, 200.0)
<UIView: 0x13f5c0cf0; frame = (0 0; 0 0); layer = <CALayer: 0x2834f1360>>
If you don't see anything:
- Verify you are compiling the correct project
- The IP is correctly set
- The server is running
- Try calling remLog somewhere else
- Check logs with oslog from BigBoss
Congrats, you finished!