How to setup Orion and sourcekit-lsp

How to setup Orion and sourcekit-lsp

If you want to create a new Orion project, you have to have a few tools installed.


First we need to install Theos - a tool for writing tweaks. Follow the instructions here.


If you are on Linux / Windows (WSL), make sure you have Swift installed.


Inside your Theos installation directory (to change the current directory run cd $THEOS) and switch to the orion branch by running git fetch && git checkout orion && git submodule update --init.


You can get full code completion while working on Orion tweaks on any OS using sourcekit-lsp. Enabling it is simple:

  1. Install the sourcekit-lsp plugin corresponding to your editor of choice. (If you’re using Xcode, it has built-in SourceKit support so skip this step.)
  2. Run make spm to generate metadata about your project, which is needed by Swift Package Manager/SourceKit.
  3. Open the project folder in your chosen editor.

Orion Runtime

Since we are using Swift, we also need a tool called "Orion". On your jailbroken device add the Chariz repo ( and install the Orion Runtime package (pick iOS 12-13 or iOS 14 depending on your version).

You are now ready to create a project