Cardculator iOS 15 for Free: Build Guide

Cardculator iOS 15 for Free: Build Guide
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Some of you might not be able to purchase the tweak for one reason or another. I completely understand that. That's why I open-sourced Cardculator on GitHub, even though it is a paid tweak, I always open-sourced everything I released to public for the jailbreak community for people to learn. Try making it a challenge for you to get Cardculator by compiling it yourself with this guide :)

I'm just a guy like you trying to earn some pocket money, the last thing I want is you pirating software, when you can learn how to actually make it yourself.


  • A macOS machine with Ventura installed
  • Xcode 14 (Xcode 13 and below won't compile at the moment)
  • (Xcode command line tools?)
  • (git?)
  • Probably a ChatGPT account to follow along in case some errors occur (it is very good at troubleshooting errors)
YOU HAVE TO BUILD ALL DEPENDENCIES. Don't skip straight to "Building Cardculator" as you will otherwise encounter errors.

Install Theos

Installation instructions for macOS

Install Orion

Make sure to restart shell (terminal) after installing Theos for extra precaution, because environment variables may not be updated
cd $THEOS && git fetch && git checkout orion && git submodule update --init

Building Comet

Comet is a helper library made by developer who goes by the name of Ginsu. The library allows building preferences for tweaks using SwiftUI. To build it, clone the repo and build:

Remove ROOTLESS=true if building for rootful.
cd ~
mkdir developer
cd ~/developer
git clone
cd Comet
make spm
make package ROOTLESS=true
If your objective with reading this guide is to learn how to use different libraries, and in particular Comet, you might also want to build the templates for Theos for future preferences generation for your own projects. Instructions here

Verify installation:

ls $THEOS/lib/iphone/rootless/

The output should list the contents of the directory, with a directory (framework) - "Comet.framework". If not, find what you did wrong before continuing.

Add RemoteLog.h

RemoteLog is a project by Muirey03, which allows print information over the network to the server, which is very useful in tweak development when you don't have a debugger attached. Download the file and and place in Theos:

curl -o $THEOS/include/RemoteLog.h

Building Cardculator

Ironically the simplest part.

Remove THEOS_PACKAGE_SCHEME=rootless if building for rootful.
cd ~/developer
git clone
make spm
make do THEOS_PACKAGE_SCHEME=rootless

If it errors about THEOS_DEVICE_IP variable missing, the compilation has succeeded and the file should be inside ~/developer/Cardculator/packages/<name>.deb. AirDrop / send it to your device and you should be golden :)


Nothing here yet... no issues reported

To ask me any question, other developers or just have a talk, you can join my Discord: or Twitter: @sourceloc. Have a nice day!

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